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TALK | What Are Museums For? With Maria Vlachou and Luís Farinha | Anjos | FREE

A good question to some, a silly question to others, but one that will be answered once and for all among the books and notepads of Tigre de Papel.

From the organizers:

” ‘What are museums for?’ It is placed at the center of a debate that has opened in the public space, either on the idea of ​​creating a Museu das Descobertas in Lisbon or, more recently, following the proposal to open a Salazar Museum in Santa Comba Dão. The terms of this debate bring to the table the function of museums, opposing perspectives that affirm supposed neutrality in the way of observing the past to others that understand museums as spaces of promotion, a critical look at history, determined by choices. We invited to this conversation the author of the article, Maria Vlachou, museologist and cultural manager, and Luís Farinha, historian, and director of the Aljube Museum.”

Those with any interest in historiography, or who are thinking “who the hell would build a Salazar museum,” will probably enjoy this. And if you start to get down about all these serious museums, remember that Viseu has an entire museum dedicated to quartz.

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