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to Apr 30 | FOOD | Kitchen for days: Patuá pop up at Casa Independente | Intendente | TBD

PATUÁ is a local restaurant that will open soon. In the meantime, it will be popping up at Casa Indpendente, thoughout the month of April, to tingle your senses.
Here’s what the organizers tell us:
“In PATUÁ we cook what we like to eat, and we like to say that we are a kitchen of influence, influenced by tastes, conversations, trips, experiences, techniques, ideas, and memories.
We embrace the influences of Asian, African, Brazilian, Goa, Macanese, and South American foods, and we will always have vegan options.
In the process of having a fixed place, PATUÁ fixes for now its address at “Cozinha a dias” at Casa Independente, because sometimes we cook at a friend’s house.
Stay tuned.”

For more info, email

Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 19h to 23h (except April 24th).

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