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to Apr 5 | ART EXHIBIT | One King and Three Emperors | Chiado | FREE

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January 30, 2020 @ 10:00 – 18:00
São Roque Museum
Largo Trindade Coelho
1200-470 Lisboa
to Apr 5 | ART EXHIBIT | One King and Three Emperors | Chiado | FREE @ São Roque Museum | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

You’ve probably heard of it.
And, if you live in Lisbon, you probably know that the Chinese are slowly taking over this fine land, real estate style. But the Chinese-Portuguese connection actually goes way back.

Here’s what the São Roque Museum, organizers of this cross-cultural and historical art exhibit, explain:
“The reign of King John V (1706-1750) corresponded to the reigns of three Qing Dynasty emperors (Kangxi, Yonzheng and Qianlong) and was one of the most intense and relevant periods of the relationship between Portugal, Europe, and China. This period was equally striking for Macao‘s history and its quality as an international trading port between two empires, the Portuguese and the Chinese. The exhibition One King and Three Emperors – Portugal, China and Macao in the time of D. João V, curated by Jorge Santos Alves, marks the 40th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Portugal and China, the 20th anniversary of the transfer of powers in Macau, and the 450th anniversary of the Macao Holy House of Mercy.

Monday: 14h-18h.
Tuesday to Sunday: 10h-12h and 14h-18h.

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