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to Aug 20 | MUSIC FEST | Sol de Caparica | Caparica

August 17 @ 16:00 August 20 @ 23:30

One of Portugal’s biggest festivals, Sol de Caparica takes place south of the Tejo in one of the main surfing towns near Lisbon, about a 30-minute ride away from city center (and accessible by public transit, including ferries and buses). It’s several days from some of the biggest names from Portuguese-speaking countries, which makes for an eclectic lineup that typically includes everything from fado to the latest in hip hop, samba, kizomba, rock, and everything in between. The 2023 edition has a lineup featuring Leo Santana, Nininho Vaz Maia, Carolina Deslandes, Matias Damásio, T-Rex, MC Pedrinho and more. For the full program, see this website.

You can buy a four-day pass for 75€ here or day tickets for 26€ each here (Atlas earns a tiny commission if you follow the links).

€26 – €75
Parque Urbano da Costa Caparica
Costa Caparica, Almada 2825-450 Portugal
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