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to Aug 29 | DRAWING AND PAINTING EXHIBIT | Ana Camilo: Next Stop | FREE

With all the madness of the first year of this new decade, a lot of us may be feeling a need to stop, breathe, and start again. Coincidentally, here’s what local artist Ana Camilo says about her new solo show at Livraria Ler Devagar going up this August:
“Through drawing and painting, using Indian ink, acrylic and oil, and paper as support, I portray what I observe around me. They are brief instants, corners, moments frozen in time. A pause. The need to stop, to breathe, to start again… the constant metamorphosis. The presented works are part of a travel journal, where I register some moments, environments, and situations, with the intention of awakening the observer to several physical and emotional realities. Over this initial, more abrupt register, in Indian ink, the remaining scenes, in oil, unfold. Contrasting the monochromatic register with the chromatic one, in the duality of dreams and reality. There are paths that are made within us, stories that have happened and thought, whose roughness implies an atonement. On the other hand, in the fine arts, we can be less revealing, write between the lines the little likes and dislikes, removing the pain and anger from within us. Few will know of the stories contained here, some will imagine their own.”

Well said, Ana.

Show up Aug 4-29, in theory.


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