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to Aug 29 | GROUP ART EXHIBIT | Antoine de Galbert: Traverser la nuit | 6-9€

Here’s what organizers MAAT say about Traverser la nuit (aka “Crossing the night”):
“On the occasion of the Portugal-France Season 2022, MAAT is presenting a broad overview of Antoine de Galbert’s personal collection in Portugal for the first time.

…Arranged in a way that represents the passage from dawn to dusk, from blindness and disorientation to better days on the horizon, from nocturnal dreams to the cosmic night, the exhibition invites visitors to traverse this nocturnal space, which is so ripe for the imagination, dreams, and visions of the future.”

The collection features dozens of international artists in many a medium.

Wed-Mon, 11h-19h.
Closed Tuesdays.

Show up until Aug. 29.

ENTRY: 9€ (with discounts for kids and stuff, and free every first Sunday of the month for everyone).

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