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to Aug 5 | LIVE MUSIC | “Jazz em Agosto 2018” at the Gulbenkian | Praça de Espanha | 5 – 20€

NOTE: To see the 2019 lineup, see our updated listing here.

Jazz em Agosto is a self-explanatory festival of live music held annually at the Gulbenkian, one of Lisbon’s more prominent venues for music and art.
This year, in its 35th edition, the festival has a twist. The 10 days of concerts* are centered entirely around the work of one man — NYC native and musical legend John Zorn.
Here’s what the hosts say:
“Never before has there been such an exhaustive, exclusive performance of his work. This is why this ‘Jazz em Agosto’ is an event of special importance for all those involved and with a relevance that, in line with the festival’s growing appeal across borders, undoubtedly spreads to a broad international context…It couldn’t be a more enthusiastic festival, and accompanied by a more heartfelt invitation. This year, it’s ‘Zorn em Agosto’!”
*Showtimes vary, as do ticket prices, and it’s a big lineup — check the full agenda and more info here.
Mr. Zorn, take it away.

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