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to Aug 7 | JAZZ FESTIVAL | Jazz em Agosto 2022 | 5-20€

The 38th edition of Jazz em Agosto hits the Gulbenkian this weekend, and here’s some of what the museum’s deputy and artistic directors José Pinto and Rui Neves say about it:
“Chicago – New York – Lisboa.

The association of music scenes and sounds with specific cities and regions does not happen by chance. Music does not emerge in isolation from the social, political, economic, and cultural environment in which it develops and on many occasions is an expressive forum in which all of these dimensions materialise..

In the same way that cities are living, changing organisms, so music changes too – impacted by gentrification, the assimilation of different cultures, demographic change and the history of the places themselves. In the 38th edition of Jazz em Agosto, we take all of that into account in a broad portrait of the jazz scene in Chicago, Lisbon, and New York – with a short stop-off in London along the way – in this movement between some of the places where jazz has a more intense and creative energy.”

More from José and Rui, full program, and tickets here.

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