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to Dec 11 | HISTORICAL EXHIBIT | The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon | 3€

A century after the last big pandemic and world war, the Pimenta Palace branch of Museu de Lisboa presents ‘Os Loucos Anos 20 em Lisboa.’ Here’s what they say about it:
“It was a time of transformations of customs and mentalities, a time of cosmopolitanism and modernity, of social and individual affirmation.

True to its Portuguese roots, Lisbon lived through the Roaring Twenties following, from a distance, the feeling of optimism, prosperity, and celebration that characterized urban life in the main European capitals after the end of World War I.

Despite conservatism, cultural backwardness, and constant political and economic instability, Lisbon was also the stage for novelty, extravagance, and transgression, following foreign examples that arrived through the press, radio, literature, and cinema, and benefiting from the technological progress of the time.

Curated by Cecília Vaz, Mário Nascimento, and Paulo Almeida Fernandes, the exhibition transports us to the modern urban experience of the capital and evokes personal stories of some protagonists that enrich this imaginary visit.”

Museum hours:
Tue-Sun, 10h-18h.
Closed Mondays.

Show up until Dec. 11.

ENTRY: 3€ (includes the rest of the museum too).

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