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Let’s face it — there’s not much science behind Christmas. Except for maybe the lights.
Or, is there…?

The Ciências Solidária (“Sciences Solidarity”) was formed in 2016 as a private non-profit association by a bunch of geeks and nerds at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon, with the purpose of supporting the underprivileged population (students and workers).

Here’s what they say:
“We have a deep conviction in the human potential of all the protagonists of the science community and in the ability to build more active and effective lines of solidarity that respond positively to the difficulties many are going through at the present juncture.”

Now if that’s not Christmassy then we don’t know what is.

Next week, the association is throwing a three-day Christmas sale, their fourth, and here’s what they say about that:
“The money obtained will revert to the Sciences Solidarity Association, thus reinforcing the help of the entire Science community. Food items, sweet and savory, along with daily and non-food items, will be available for sale. A good opportunity to do some Christmas shopping, helping through these purchases our solidarity cause.”

Merry Christmas, and stay woke y’all.


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