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to Dec 23 | ART EXHIBIT | Mara Castilho: The Empty of My Soul | Chiado | FREE

Mara Castilho is a multi-talented multimedia artist who spends her days between London, Lisbon, and Rio de Janeiro.

Here’s what some art critics have said about her work: “… Castilho’s art puts us on the path of complete destruction and suspends us in time – it offers pure pleasure without real death.” Lapiz Art Magazine (SPAIN).

“Mara Castilho’s Installation ‘Absence II’ has the power, simplicity, and beauty that bring artists such as Bill Viola to mind… ” New York Arts Magazine (USA).

And here’s what Occupart, the latest gallery to have its walls lined with Mara’s stuff, say: “In her solo show O Vazio da Minha Alma (The empty of my soul), Mara exposes painted and embroidered photographs. Emptiness and loss haunt these works. Between black, white, and gold, Castilho exhibits images that navigate between beauty and the ugly, pain and love, emptiness and ruin, life and death.”

Refreshingly uplifting, no?
Come see how Mara fills the void.

Wed, Nov 27, 18h30-21h30.

Mon-Fri, 11h-19h.

Show up through Dec 23.


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