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to Dec 31 | FASHION | Tattoo Flash | Cais do Sodré | 25€

There is a legend that says that a very long time ago having a tattoo meant that you were either a sailor, an ex-con, belonged to some ancient tribe, or were generally badass.
Nowadays, however, it usually just means something else.
Still, if you’ve been wanting to get that special image forever embedded on your face, neck, chest, bicep, wrist, lower back, buttcheek, ankle, toe, or all of the above, but have found that all your amateur tattoo artist friends kind of suck, this holiday season Lisbon Tattoo Studio got you covered.
All December they are inking Lisbon up with simple small art (black ink only) for 25€ a pop.
Start 2019 with some good old-fashioned pain for the sake of art.

-The drawing should be forwarded by private message for review if it fits into the promotion.
-Prior appointment required.
-18 or older.
Message the inksters here for more info.

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