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to Dec 8 | ART EXHIBIT | “Take a number” by Teresa Esgaio | Braço de Prata | FREE

If you’re not new to Lisbon, you have most likely already taken a number. From the pharmacy to the supermarket to the hospital to the phone store to most places in between — “take a number and get in line” seems to be the philosophy.
Ironically, for a country that charges for plastic bags, the eco-friendly dilemmas posed by a paper-ticket system seem to be of little concern.
Local artist Teresa Esgaio, on the other hand, uses paper somewhat differently. According to her website, Teresa “likes to draw. A lot. With a degree in Art and Multimedia from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, and experience in working with video and photography, she spent a few years laboring full-time in advertising, until she took the plunge and decided to pursue drawing full-time. Since then, she has been making drawings mostly crafted with charcoal, soft pastel, and graphite powder. Teresa is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.”

Teresa’s new show is called “Take a Number,” and it’s described by the organizers as “an exposition on waiting and time, on the respect that the natural rhythm of things demands, and on the unavoidable awareness, and subsequent acceptance, that there are things we do not have, nor will ever have, control over. But it is also an exposition about this human characteristic that tells us that, despite this inevitability, we continue to believe, to hope, that it may not always be so.”

We’re intrigued.
And, luckily, you don’t actually have to take a number to see Teresa’s stuff.

Inauguration (with the presence of the artist):
Fri, Nov 9th, 19h – 22h.

Gallery hours:
Tue-Sat, 14h – 20h.
Exhibit ends Dec 8th.


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