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to Dec 9 | LIVE MUSIC | Jamcaranda at Camones CineBar | Graça | FREE

Jacaranda is a group of flowering plants, often with purple petals, that originated in South America but can be found all over the world today because, well, they’re very pretty. You may have seen the trees, which can grow up to 30 meters, and their purple petals, lining (or carpeting) the streets of Lisbon around early summer.

Jamcaranda, on the other hand, is an evening of live music. You may also have already seen some of its seeds around the streets of Lisbon, any time of year, bringing passersby joy.
We’ll let Camones CineBar explain:
“Every Sunday, busking musicians from Lisbon come together to offer us an unforgettable night!”

Jacarandas may be out of season, but Jamcaranda is blooming on Sundays, from 18h to 23h.


Here’s a whiff.

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