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to Feb 19 | MULTIMEDIA EXHIBIT | Isaque Pinheiro: Da caverna | FREE

Lisbon-born and Porto-stationed multimedia artist Isaque Pinheiro comes to Zaratan gallery this new year to present the exhibition Da caverna (“From the Cave”).
Here’s how they describe it:
“The creative process is usually developed through a logical sequence and tapers off into a certain premeditated result, all supposed rationality being based on intuition.

The cave, as a primordial site, carries a certain darkness that lies in the long history of the human will to contain his own imagination and to take refuge from the immensity and luminosity of the world.

The works presented are based on procedural and creative intuition – from the moment of conception of the images to their physical embodiment to the coexistence between the pieces and with the gallery space – and result in an invocation of the absurd and an amplification of surreal details.

In the cave there will be a peaceful (con)fusion between tons of finely carved marble, kilometers of electric cables, and barriers of shutters to sometimes peek at the reality outside.”

Sounds very pandemic appropriate, no?

OPENING: Saturday, Jan 8.

GALLERY HOURS: Thu-Sun, 16h-20h.
FREE GUIDED TOUR: Feb 19, 18h.

Show up until Feb 19.


*In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, to visit the space the use of a sanitary mask is mandatory and the entrance is subject to maximum capacity, in compliance with the DGS measures.

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