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to Feb 3 | OPEN CALL | Festival Feminista de Lisboa 2019 | Lisbon | FREE

Here’s what we learned from Wikipedia about the etymology of “feminism:”
“From the French ‘féminisme’ circa 1837, ultimately from Latin ‘fēminīnus,’ from ‘fēmina’ (woman); it was first recorded in English in 1851, originally meaning ‘the state of being feminine.’ The sense of ‘advocacy of women’s rights’ is from 1895.”

So, ladies, gentlemen, and anyone else reading this, whether you prefer the 1837, the 1851, the 1895, or the 2019 version of feminism, the open call for the second edition of the Lisbon Feminist Festival is now underway, and you are all invited to help fight the powers that be.

Here’s what we learned about the festival from its organizers:
“‘Feminism: the fight in the daily’ is the theme of this year’s FFLx, which will run during May 2019.
Until February 3, the Festival receives proposals for activities to integrate our programming from everyone — individuals, collectives, associations. Bring your ideas, projects, concerns, and solutions.

The activities can be workshops, debates, concerts, performances, theater, cinema, exhibitions, and any other form of expression that has feminism, and equality, as inspiration.

– We also look for suitable places to receive the activities of the Festival. Talk to us if you are an owner or know of a place available, through the e-mail


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