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to Jan 13 | ART AND FLEA MARKET | Black January at Anjos 70 | Anjos | FREE

We weren’t quite sure what a “stock-off” was either. We had googled and googled away, to no avail…
We did, however, know that Anjos70 is a former typography factory turned hip venue, hosting various events for locals and tourists alike. And that the first weekend of every month they hosted what they called the “most alternative market in Lisbon.” We weren’t sure about “most alternative” either…
But we liked it. In the New Year, however, we learned a few things.
Here’s what Anjos70 told us:
“The most alternative market in the city is happening on the first weekend of every month, except January. In the first month of the year, to give you time to digest the parties, all the vendors are invited to reduce their prices and stock off a week later, for BLACK JANUARY.
Come by and find more than 100 stalls presenting Portuguese health-food vendors, designers, and artists, among them some of the best vintage thrifters.”

Hmm. Vintage thrifter…
Well, we get the idea. And at least now we know what a stock-off is.

This one’s not to be missed for that unique, past-the-last-minute Christmas gift.

Saturday, Sunday, 11h -19h.

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