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to Jan 13 | GROUP ART SHOW | “Magazine” at Teatro de Garagem | Castelo | FREE

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January 12, 2019 @ 17:00 – 23:00
Teatro da Garagem
Costa do Castelo 69
1100-022 Lisboa
to Jan 13 | GROUP ART SHOW | "Magazine" at Teatro de Garagem | Castelo | FREE @ Teatro da Garagem | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

The Oxford dictionary defines “magazine” as a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations or a container for holding a supply of cartridges to be fed automatically to a gun.

Magazine is (also) an art show defined by its organizers, Teatro de Garagem, as being about “Pop and the exaggerated features of what has no soul, about the melancholy of the ordinary and of bloodless death. Like the stuff sold in the Chinese shop. It intends to tell the truth about the violence of the static, about the invisible stabbing by what does not move. The yellowish alarm of advertising letters, pointing out the lights to the pain so well disguised in the plastic of a mannequin that smiles in the exact measure to show compassion for those who exist.”

The exhibit brings together three local emerging artists — Anica , Débora Bastos, and Joana Hintze — and runs through January 13th.

Exaggerated features of what has no soul, the melancholy of the ordinary, bloodless death, the violence of the static… sounds like the perfect little holiday group art show to us.



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