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to Jan 16 | TAPESTRY EXHIBIT | Praça de Espanha | 10€

From the organizers (please read, this is, well, a tapestry set of six pieces, two of which are “fragments” — but that ticket price does get you into the permanent collection.

“The tapestry set Children Playing by Giulio Romano, is composed of four large tapestries and two fragments, belonging to the Gulbenkian Collection. A fragment on loan from the Museo Poldi Pezzoli, in Milan, will be the next Visiting Artwork to be exhibited, reunited for the first time with the rest of the set to which it belongs. This will be a unique opportunity to admire the true magnificence of the complete set, a remarkable group of tapestries that epitomizes the artistic and technical quality that was achieved in this art form during the 16th century.

The Children Playing set is thought to have been produced for the cardinal Ercole Gonzaga. The tapestries bear the Gonzaga coat of arms and are thought to have been produced in Mantua at the workshop of Nicolas Karcher, a master tapestry-maker from Brussels who settled in Italy.”

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