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to Jan 27 | ART EXHIBIT | “A children’s city” by Oupas! design | Belém | FREE

Oupas! design is a graphic design and illustration studio founded by three women. They mostly work with cardboard, in “an ecological and responsible way, with the least waste possible.”

Here’s how they tell their origin story:
“After finishing college at ESEIG in 2011 we decided that we shouldn’t stop and wait for a good job, we should get into the front battle and start our own studio. We said “Oupas! (Portuguese expression for “Let’s go!”) Let’s do it!,” and the project was born…”
Long story short — they then got a grant from their university, moved to Porto, got a cat named Tobias, and have been making pretty little eco-friendly cardboard designs ever since.

Their latest project is Instalação Uma cidade das crianças (“A Children’s City”). It’s described as “a three-dimensional installation that brings together several areas of a city. In this place grows a pile of books of gigantic proportions, there is an ocean, rafts, huts; this city is for boys and girls, but adults who know how to be great people fit in too.”

Come be a great person and think outside the box (get it?). And bring the kids — it definitely sounds better for them than staring at a phone.


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