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to Jan 3 | INTERACTIVE ART EXHIBIT | Meet Vincent Van Gogh | Belém | 9-15€

If you’ve been around Lisbon this year, you may have seen those big yellow triangular things with Vincent Van Gogh’s face on them all over town. If you ventured outside during the lockdown, you may even have seen one or two of these being used as unofficial housing for the homeless, which Vincent would have likely liked. Those things are advertisements for Meet Vincent Van Gogh, and the show seems to have survived the ‘rona.
Here’s what the organizers say:
“The world-famous Van Gogh Museum invites you to step into Vincent van Gogh’s world and get closer to the brilliant artist than ever before. From the Netherlands to Paris, let Vincent guide you on a magical and multisensory journey through the most important moments of his extraordinary life. Immerse yourself in the Van Gogh Museum’s official experience, on display for a limited time only in the cultural heart of Lisbon.

*Tickets that were purchased for the dates between March 13 and May 31 are still valid until November 30, without the need to previously exchange them.”

Tickets and more info here.

ENTRY: 9-15€ (with discounted packages available).

Here’s a glimpse.

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