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to Jul 28 | MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCE | Capricho #12: Game of Mirrors | Santos | 5€

The flag of the European Union has 12 stars.
There are 12 months in a year.
Time is measured in two groups of 12 hours.
The Chinese Zodiac has 12 animal signs.
Biblically speaking, Jacob had 12 sons; they are considered the ancestors of the 12 Tribes of Israel.
There are usually 12 members of a jury.
Oh, and 12 people have walked on the Moon, or so we’re told…

Anyway, the organizers of the multimedia project Capricho#12 (“Caprice#12”) seem to like the number too. The number 12, that is.
Here’s what they say:
“We started by establishing a routine around details that surround improvisational practices in the fields of contemporary dance and music – a rehearsal a month, between January and December 2018. The mirror-house, which is the studio, became the motor of a series of improvisations on a whim for discovery. Because of the twelve months, the twelve rehearsals brought the possibility of splitting space-time in twelve parts. This dramaturgical possibility brought a myriad of images that unfold the discussion: twelve tones, twelve scores, twelve compositions, twelve reflections, twelve mirrors… Twelve became a possible translation for plural. A virtual plurality, an image multiplied by mirrors and cameras, a game played through a capricious fold…”

The show is 60 minutes long, which is 5 times 12.
And runs for 4 days, which is…

More info here.

Or email with however many questions you want.

ENTRY: 5€.

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