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to Jul 30 | ART EXHIBIT | Pedro Henriques: Futuro sem mãos | FREE

From ZDB, the organizers of this one:
“Dear friend, watch with your own eyes an event that will mankind the workers with the jurisperts, all for the ‘Future without hands,’ in a new set of works by Pedro Henriques. Objects that appear between standing sculpture, intelligent painting, and tactile will. Images-objects that are fugitive from reality, where the manual and the manufactured are confused, not by levity, but with certainty. Any resemblance to the world around us is mere chance. An inhospitable universe of automation folded into the warmth of our friend’s fleeting gesture and human warmth. A combative opera in low relief, where abstraction and viscerality distemper.”

Thurs, Jun 23, 18h-21h.

Mon-Sat, 15h-19h (closed Sundays).

Show up until July 30.


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