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to July 27 | CLASSICAL MUSIC FESTIVAL | Festival do Estoril Lisboa | Lisbon to Cascais | FREE to 12€

July 5, 2019 @ 21:30 - 22:30


The Estoril Coast Music Festival was founded in 1975.
Almost a classic at this point, really, and it’s still kicking.
Here’s how it describes itself:
“Intimately linked to a pedagogical function, it fits the most varied forms of artistic expression of musical roots. In this perspective, the presence of Portuguese ballet, traditional music, chamber music, symphonic music, choruses, jazz, and theater are themes that the Festival has developed throughout its history as an essential action for the formation of the young musicians of today and the appetite of a heterogeneous public.”

Whether you’re a member of the heterogeneous public or simply enjoy your music classical, the 45th edition of the month-long festival is full of premiers and live renditions of some of the country’s, and the world’s, finest tunes.

Here are some highlights, with a full list below:
06 Jul – Premiere in Portugal of the opera “Marco Polo” by Isabelle Aboulker.
09 Jul – Premiere of Nuno Lobo’s play (Order of the Maat Saxophone Quartet).
12 Jul – Premiere in Portugal Concerto for percussion accordion and string of Sofia Gubaidulina.
19 Jul – Vasco Negreiros debut of “Pilgrimages”.
24 Jul – Premiere in Portugal “Voyage for flute and string orchestra” Corigliano.

Many events free! Some tickets, like for Centro Cultural de Cascais, are here, the rest are here but some links weren’t working as of July 1…

FROM THE ORGANIZERS (* FREE events are marked)

* FREE Opening Concert
05’7 Largo de São Carlos | 21.30h | Festival in the Largo
Portuguese Symphony Orchestra
Joana Carneiro, maestrina
Program to advertise

06’7 SBE Nova Auditorium | Carcavelos | 18.30h | 7th Youth Festival
Chorus of Students of the Gregorian Institute of Lisbon
Teresa Lancastre, maestrina
Isabelle Aboulker | Opera “Marco Polo” *
* Premiere in Portugal | 5th Centenary of the Earth Circum-navigation

* FREE 06’7 Church of the Jeronimos | 9.30 p.m.
Lisbon Horns & Bells
João Vaz, organ | Organ cycle
The Musical Treasure of Europe: Music from the Royal Bookstore by D. João V
Works by Gabrieli, Frescobaldi, Scheidt, Sweelinck, Rabbit, Titelouze, Marini

09’7 Cultural Center of Cascais | 21.30h | 7th Youth Festival
Maat Saxophone Quartet *
Pierné | Introduction and variations sur une ronde populaire *
Nuno Lobo | Order Maat Saxohone Quartet (2019) *
Debussy | Rêverie
Guillermo Lago | The Wors «dsworth Poems *
Barber | Adagio for strings
Mendelssohn | 4 Pieces for string quartet, op. 81 – Capriccio
Piazzolla | Contrabating
* 1st Prize PJM 2018
** Premiere in Portugal

10’7 Cultural Center of Cascais | 21.30h | 7th Youth Festival
1st Prize of Chamber Music of the IV Contest
Vasco Barbosa National String
Program: to be announced

* FREE 11’7 Patriarchal See | 9.30 p.m.
Michel Bouvard, organ | Organ Cycle
French Spirit, Germanic Spirit
Works by Marchand, Couperin, Bach, Mozart, Franck, Widor, Bouvard

* FREE 12’7 Museum of Portuguese Music | Monte Estoril | 17.30h | 7th Youth Festival
Clarinet | 55th CIME | António Saiote Course Concert

12’7 Cultural Center of Cascais | 9.30 p.m.
Chamber Orchestra of Cascais and Oeiras
Nikolay Lalov, teacher
José Valente, accordion *
Ana Nagy, voice
Gubaidulina | Concerto for Accordion, Percussion and Strings **
Jobin-Buarque | Piazzolla | Legrand | Barra Vaz
* 1st Prize of the 17th Interpretation Competition of Estoril 2015
** Premiere in Portugal

* FREE 13’7 Church of São Vicente de Fora | 5:00 p.m.
Yasuko Uyama and Michel Bouvard, organ | Organ Cycle
Musical splits to two, three and four hands:
Routes in Europe of the 17th and 18th Centuries
Works by Widman, Scheidt, Byrd, Carlston, Tomkins, Cabezón, Correa de Arauxo,
Cabanilles, Rossi, Froberger

16’7 Cultural Center of Cascais | 21.30h | 7th Youth Festival
José Pedro Ribeiro, piano
Chopin | Fantasy in F minor, Op.49
Beethoven | Sonata nº30 in Mi Maior, Op.109
Liszt | Chasse Neige, S.139 No. 12
Lopes-Graça | Sonata nº3 (1952 / Rev.1959)

17’7 Ajuda National Palace | 6:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
The Moon and music in Circum-navigation time I
Colloquy with Bruno Caseirão, musicologist | Luciano González Sarmiento, musicologist | José Alberto Ribeiro, historian | José Miguel Moreno, musician
José Miguel Moreno, vihuela
“The Music in the time of Magellan and Elcano” *
* 5th Centenary of Earth Circum-navigation
Fuenllana, Pisador, Valderrábano, Narváez, Milan, Ortiz

19’7 Cloister of the Jeronimos Monastery | 20.00h
The Moon and the music in Circum-navigation II time
Colloquy with Bruno Caseirão, musicologist | Luciano González Sarmiento, musicologist | Vasco Negreiros, composer | Guilherme Oliveira Martins, historian (to be confirmed)
9.30 p.m.
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra
Youth Choir of the Gregorian Institute of Lisbon
Véronique Gens, mezzo-soprano
Luis Miguel Cintra, narrator
David Alan Miller, teacher
Vasco Negreiros, teacher
Filipa Palhares, maestrina
Debussy | Les Sirènes
Ravel | Shéhérazade
Vasco Negreiros | Pilgrimages | Absolute debut. Order of the 45th FEL *
Debussy | La Mer
* 5th Centenary of Earth Circum-navigation

* FREE 20’7 Museum of Portuguese Music | Estoril | 17.30h | 7th Youth Festival
Cello | 55th CIME | Concert of the Course of Pablo de Naverán

* FREE 20’7 Patriarchal See | 9.30 p.m.
Pieter van Dijk, organ | Organ Cycle
Bach and his admirers in 19th century Germany
Works by Bach, Mendelssohn Brahms

* FREE 21’7 Cultural Center of Cascais | 16.00h | 7th Youth Festival
End of the 21st Estoril Interpretation Competition
Award of the Audience Award

23’7 Cultural Center of Cascais | 21.30h | 7th Youth Festival
Wind Quintet of the Superior School of Music of Lisbon
Cristiana Moreira, flute | Moses Martins, clarinet | Francisco Sousa, French Horn
Ana Catarina Pinto, bassoon | Rui Ascenção, oboe
Taffanel | Quintet in the lower sun
Ibert | Three short pieces
Nielsen | Quintet op. 43
Ligeti | Six Bagatelles

24’7 Ajuda National Palace | 18.00h.
Soloists in Zagreb
Ana Ferraz, flute *
* 1st Prize of the 20th Estoril Interpretation Competition 2018
Vivaldi | Concert for flute and chords La Notte
Corigliano | Voyage for flute and string orchestra *
Remaining to announce
* Premiere in Portugal

Closing Concert
27’7 Ajuda National Palace | 18.00h.
Soloists in Zagreb
Alexander Ghindin, piano
The Journey and the Moon
Britten | Young Apollo for piano and strings *
Schnittke | Concert for piano and strings *
Schoenberg | Verklärte nacht
* Premiere in Portugal. 50th Anniversary of Man’s Arrival to the Moon


Av. Rei Humberto II de Itália, 2750-642 Cascais, Portugal
Cascais, Lisboa 2750-642 Portugal
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