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to July 28 | ART EXHIBIT | “Oil Room” by Per Barclay | Martim Moniz | 2€

Per Barclay is responsible for the image on the left. Born in Norway and living and working in Italy, Per is a multimedia installation artist who likes to play with spaces. And oil. Lots of oil. Lisbon gallery San Lázaro Carpintarias is the latest space Per has reinterpreted using dead dinosaurs. Here’s what they have to say about it:
“‘Oil Room’ creates the coexistence of reality and its image reflected in the same place, where, despite the demarcation that separates the two, the perception oscillates, and it is difficult to determine if what is seen at the moment is the liquid or the solid, projection or reality. Initially, Per Barclay’s facilities were built with the intention of being photographed and the photographs themselves becoming the final work, but the impact of the installation is so striking that it has been gaining a life of its own over time, becoming an independent work.”

The installation has already transformed some high-profile places in Italy, France, and Spain, and Portugal is its next stop.

Opening: Thursday, May 16, 19h.
Gallery hours: Thursday-Sunday, 12h to 18h.
Show up until July 28.

ENTRY: 2€.

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