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From Wikipedia:
“In music, a quartet is an ensemble of four singers or instrumental performers; or a musical composition for four voices or instruments.”

Quartetos Extraordinários translates to “Extraordinary Quartets,” which in turn translates to three evening concerts, by three extraordinary quartets, free of charge, which translates to a lot of math…

Here’s how the organizers describe it:
“Three Extraordinary Quartets made up of exceptional musicians give shape to three programs dedicated to works of the 20th and 21st centuries. A quartet of strings (Quarteto de Cordas de Matosinhos), a quartet of marimbas (Drumming Marimba Quartet) and a Quartet of Saxophones interpret some of the reference pieces for these instrumental formations, side by side with the most recent songs by Portuguese composers, including premieres of new work.”

June 21st
Quarteto de Saxofones
(Álvaro Collao, Rodrigo Vila, Henrique Portovedo, Pedro Bittencourt)

June 22nd
Drumming Marimba Quartet
(João Miguel Braga Simões, Pedro Gois, André Dias, Miquel Bernat)

June 29th
Quarteto de Cordas de Matosinhos
(Vítor Vieira, Juan Carlos Maggiorani, Jorge Alves, Marco Pereira).

Showtime: 21h.

FREE ENTRY (limited to capacity, so get there an hour or two early to claim your spot).

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