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Did you know that:
Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized by Europe?
The first known Siamese twins were born in Thailand?
Every year there is a festival dedicated entirely to monkeys in Thailand?

Well, if you didn’t, you do now.
You’re welcome.

This weekend, Thailand returns to Lisbon to celebrate its heritage, traditions, and, yes, food!
The 2019 Thai Fest Lisboa includes:
-Traditional Thai dance performances;
-Vendors with Thai food and drinks;
-Muay Thai workshops*, painting, and fruit carving;
-Thai Massages**;
-Roundtable with Bloggers about their experiences in Thailand;
-Roundtable on Making Art in Thailand;
-Demonstrations of Thai martial arts;
-Traditional games and storytelling for children;
-Conversations about The Imperfect Path by José Luis Peixoto;
-Demonstration of Sepak Takraw (a sport similar to foot volleyball).

And, if you’re lucky, maybe even a monkey or two.

*Mandatory registration for Muay Thai workshop via FB message to Thai Luso Association.
**Thai massage with special price at the event.

NOTE: Opening day begins at 12h.


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