Events » Culture » Film » to Jun 30 | FILM | “Cabaret Maxime” | Various Locations | 7€

to Jun 30 | FILM | “Cabaret Maxime” | Various Locations | 7€

June 14, 2018 all-day
to Jun 30 | FILM | "Cabaret Maxime" | Various Locations | 7€ @ VARIOUS LOCATIONS

Today marks the long-anticipated premiere of the Portuguese-American collaboration, Cabaret Maxime, a film by Bruno de Almeida about a cabaret owner who tries to keep his club from being taken over by the powers that be.
The film was shot entirely in Lisbon and, if you frequent Pink Street like we have, you know the scenery well. Come enjoy an imperial while you watch Michael Imperioli (of The Sopranos fame) both fight and cause gentrification in Lisbon.
You’ll have to find your own tickets and theatre (see here for showtimes), but you can watch the trailer here.

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