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to Jun 5 | MUSIC FESTIVAL | Afro Encontro: Fusão Euro Africana de Sonoridades | 10-25€

“Dedication, Passion, Determination” are the motto of Camones Cinebar‘s and @Mbye Ebrima‘s Afro Encounter, which was “dreamed and thought with incredible Musicians and Artists where the fusion of African and European sounds is the challenge for musicians, creators of the pleasures of the senses.”

It runs for three days and features six concerts, one jam, and 21 creators of the pleasures of the senses (from 10 countries) total.

Camones adds:
“Now, we launch the challenge to our neighbors, ‘compadres,’ friends, followers, acquaintances, and strangers, to watch what will happen on the freest stage in Lisbon.”

ENTRY*: 10€ for one day, or 25€ for all three.

*Reservations (and payments) here; or email for more info.

Here’s a taste of just one of the headliners.

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