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to June 13 | FILM | Hangar Online Videos: Intrepid Visions | ONLINE | FREE

June 2, 2020 all-day Europe/Lisbon Timezone
to June 13 | FILM | Hangar Online Videos: Intrepid Visions | ONLINE | FREE

In these troubling times, it is crucial that we hang in there, stay intrepid, and maintain our vision.
Here’s what Hangar, organizers of the “Intrepid Visions’ online video series, say:
“The exhibition concept departs from the project Ilha de São Jorge (2014), which proposed a reflection on how modernity was conceived, developed, built, dwelled, absorbed, and sometimes rejected in the context of the Portuguese speaking African countries. When seen together, the initially commissioned five films produce a taxonomy of urban conditions that could set perspectives on urban development and architectural discourse in the region.

Intrepid Visions expands this concept and includes two new pieces. The current global situation and the challenges posed by confinement and social distancing can be a starting point to think about our relationship with the spaces we inhabit, as well as to create new imaginaries. From the space of the house to the city, the films selected reflect on their socio-political construction – cities such as Luanda, Maputo, Cidade da Praia to the village of Birban at Guinea Bissau, and the Angolares community in São Tomé & Principe — and on how the modernist project impacted in the invisible physical and social borders that these contemporary cities produced.”

*Screenings are happening Tuesdays (May 19th and 26th), and there’s a talk with the curator on June 11th, and other stuff too. Learn more here.


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