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to Mar 1 | THEATER | Red Light Circus | Anjos | 10€

The red-light district, according to the interwebs and common knowledge, refers to an urban area with a concentration of prostitution, sex shops, strip clubs, and adult theaters where, back in the day, red lights were used to mark brothels.

The circus, according to the interwebs and somewhat less common knowledge, is a 250-year old art form involving clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, dancers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, and so on. It started out when a skilled equestrian decided to do some tricks on a horse while riding in a circle — as opposed to his rivals, who did so in a straight line — thus giving us the modern use of “circus” itself.
Food for thought…

Red Light Circus, on the other hand, is described by its organizers Anjos70 and circo CONTEMPORÂNEO DE LISBOA as follows:
“A show for adults that explores taboos hidden behind sexual desires.
A bold spectacle that transports the sensual world of the circus to the stage of a theater, without barriers, wrapped in an explosion of sexuality and sensuality that will awaken its erotic impetus…
Dance and acrobatics through slender and ardent bodies thirsting for desire, the touch of a libido awakens, the sensual mastery of the movement, the sensuality of the skin, the delight of the warm voice that will snatch the audience, like a siren song, on this trip.”

Looking for Thursday or Friday night plans? Why not come be snatched on a trip to awaken your libido and erotic impetus, circus-style?

RESERVATIONS via +351 926 066 014.

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