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to Mar 13 | HISTORICAL EXHIBIT | Museu de Lisboa: Before the Museum | 3€

Museu de Lisboa – Teatro Romano is old. Like, older than Facebook, older than Napster, older than Jesus old. Therefore, its many walls have a lot to say. To that end, here’s what the organizers of this historical exhibit there say:
“Each of the different spaces that house the museum – terrace, patio, archaeological site, south building, or the reception next to Rua de São Mamede – has an unsuspected past and stories hidden behind each other.

The purpose of this exhibition is to unveil some of those lives and stories, stripping the past as if it was made of layers of earth that, slowly and carefully, are being removed.

The word ‘museum’ derives from Greek, meaning the temples or shrines where the muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, lived.

It also stands for ‘library’ or ‘a creative space,’ as it was the place dedicated to music and art. Thus, a museum is a synonym for home and memory, creation, and protection.

These two sides of its concept – protection of the past and memory, but also its revival and interpretation – are two of the main goals of the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre. This is a museum of many layers and lives, which, just like Archeology, should be read in a stratigraphic sequence.”

Museum hours:
Tue-Sun, 10h-18h.
Closed Mondays.

Show up until Mar. 13.

ENTRY: 3€ (grants access to the whole venue).
Tickets here or at the historical door.

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