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to May 19 | PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT | World Press Photo Exhibition 2019: Lisbon, Portugal | Rato | 4€

The World Press Photo Foundation was started in 1955 by a handful of Dutch photographers looking to share their best stuff with the world.

Sixty-four years later?

129 countries.
4,738 photographers.
78,801 photographs.
An independent jury..
The winners of the 2019 World Press Photo Exhibition have been touring the world, and Lisbon is their next stop.

The 2019 exhibition features the “World Press Photo of the Year,” and, for the first time, the “World Press Photo Story of the Year.”

Come see if you agree with the independent jury.

Monday to Wednesday: Closed (but open Wednesday, May 1st).
Thursday to Sunday: 10h – 20h.

ENTRY: 4€.

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