Events » Market » to May 20 | ART FAIR | JustLX at Museu da Carris | Alcantara | FREE

to May 20 | ART FAIR | JustLX at Museu da Carris | Alcantara | FREE

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May 17, 2018 @ 12:00 – 18:00
Museu da Carris
Rua Primeiro de Maio 101
1300-472 Lisboa
to May 20 | ART FAIR | JustLX at Museu da Carris | Alcantara | FREE @ Museu da Carris | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

Here’s what JustLX tell us:
Art Fairs is a Spanish company and promoter of art fairs and cultural events. Since 2009 we have organised the fairs MADRIDFOTO (International Photography fair, 4 editions in Madrid), JUSTMAD (International Emerging Art Fair, 9 editions in Madrid), JUSTMADMIA (International Emerging Art Fair of Miami, 1 edition in Miami) and SUMMA (international Fair of Contemporary Art, 3 editions in Madrid).
Art Fairs, with the creation of Just LX, takes another step forward in its strategy for the promotion of art and its appropriate commercialization, bringing all its experience and energy to the creation of a very special fair in Lisbon focused on contemporary emerging art, with newly discovered galleries and artists.

Lisbon galleries represented include:
Arte Periférica, Bessa Pereira, Galeria das Salgadeiras, A Pequena Galeria, 111, Acervo, Ibirapi Contemporânea, Monumental, Ocupart, Primner, Perve, São Mamede and Trema.
Oh, and LX Factory is appropriately next door.

The fun commences May 17th through the 20th.

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