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to May 22 | CLOWN PERFORMANCES | Cabaré UPP – União das Palhaças de Portugal | TBD

Here’s what circus school/performance space/culture hub Chapitõ says about their ’15th Female Clowns Cycle 2022′ this weekend:
“What happens when there is an encounter between a Clown and an audience? What we can tell you is that absurd situations are guaranteed when it comes to the clown Safaneta! Accompanying this evening where fun is the springboard for play, you will come across: Maestrini Margaret who orchestrates her “two-handed operetta”, Giotta who calls herself a “contemporary painter,” Daide with the poetics of “measured death”, Marmita who can dance different rhythms in a single song and, to make your heartbeat strong, Dita, with her “dangerous” knife act. All this under the baton of master of ceremonies Mary En, who is capable of showing all her madness! Come and enjoy the clowns from UPP, União de Palhaças de Portugal, in this fun Cabaret.

ENTRY*: Unspecified.

*For more information call +351 218 855 550 (or visit their website).

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