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to May 28 | HEALTH | Festival MENTAL 2021 | FREE-TBD

Safe Space Portugal is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 to “combat illiteracy about mental health.”

They’re also the organizers of Festival MENTAL 2021, which kicks off on May 20th, and here’s what they say about that:
“The platform chosen are culture in its broadest sense, and the arts in particular — extraordinary vehicles for combating stigma, shame, and lack of public and general information.

With a focus on programming, exhibition, and discussion, MENTAL has experienced in three years a great impact at the level of participants and audiences who have watched international film screenings, M-Talks (public debates) on the topics covered, and corresponding feature films, theater, dance, music, and literary editions with its own seal.”

Learn more and see the full program here.

Here’s this year’s trailer:

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