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to May 29 | CLOWN PERFORMANCES | 15 º Ciclo Mulheres Palhaças 2022: Brazukabaré – Palhaças Brasileiras | TBD

Circus school, restaurant, and general culture hub Chapitô are still going strong with their 15th Women Clowns Cycle 2022, and here’s what they say about this weekend:
“In 2019, Brazilian clowns docked at Chapitô with “Brazukabaré” – a fun night with comedic numbers. In this edition, Brazukabaré brings a circus version! Between skill and comicalness, the Clowns from Brazil bring juggling, trapeze, diabolo, and “unbalanced” balance in bottles. Mary En, the master of ceremonies, will once again lead this variety show and in the middle of her “drinks”, she sings to “release the sorrows.””

Ticket prices still remain a mystery (as, to be honest, we’ve yet to attend, and also there’s no ticket info online), but you can call +351 218 855 550 for more info.

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