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to May 29 | PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT | Yuri Dojc & Katya Krausova. Last Folio | 5€

The organizers’ description of this one starts with a quote by George Orwell: “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

It goes on to say this:
Yuri Dojc and Katya Krausova were both born in former Czechoslovakia, having emigrated at a young age to Canada and England respectively, for political reasons, when in 1968 their country of birth was invaded by Soviet troops, who put an end to the dream of the so-called Prague Spring and to the democratization of that territory.

When they began this project, Yuri Dojc was a photographer who had made a name for himself with his portraits of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, and Katya Krausova was a successful filmmaker. They had been living outside their country for almost 40 years. Their paths crossed because of their shared interest in studying the history of Czechoslovakia. Together since 2005, they spent ten years traveling through a Slovakia devastated by war in search of the memories of Jewish Holocaust survivors, their roots, and their identities, in an attempt to rescue historical Jewish culture.”

Their latest show, Last Folio, is the result of this journey, and it’s up in Belém until May 29th.

ENTRY: 5€.

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