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to Nov 13 | PHOTO EXHIBIT | Steve McCurry. ICONS at Cordoaria Nacional | 5-12€

As the organizers so eloquently put it:

“🌟 Celebrate the work and career of Steve McCurry at this international photography exhibition
🤓 Learn about the man behind the lens as you enter the world of one of the biggest figures in the world of photography
📸 Discover more than 100 iconic large-format photographs, such as the ‘Afghan Girl’, Sharbat Gula, who captivated the world from the cover of National Geographic magazine in 1985
🗺️ Admire a selection of the most impressive images of trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, and more
🎧 Enjoy access to audio descriptions of 42 select exhibits to hear the story behind the picture in the words of Steve McCurry himself
🎬 Watch Steve McCurry’s testimony about his life and experiences as a photographer”

Tuesdays-Sundays, 10h to 20h (last ticket sold 20h)

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