Events » Culture » Art » to Nov 16 | ART EXHIBIT AND INAUGURATION | Wasted Rita’s Solo Show | Braço de Prata | FREE

to Nov 16 | ART EXHIBIT AND INAUGURATION | Wasted Rita’s Solo Show | Braço de Prata | FREE

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October 18, 2019 @ 12:00 – 19:00
R. Fernando Palha 56
1950-132 Lisboa
to Nov 16 | ART EXHIBIT AND INAUGURATION | Wasted Rita's Solo Show | Braço de Prata | FREE @ Underdogs10 | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

And now for something completely different: a show that features at least one female artist.
Well, that’s different.
Coincidentally, that’s also the name of the new solo show by local female artist Wasted Rita.

Here’s how Underdogs10, hosts of “And now..” for the next month, describe this one:
“Starting off with a title which, in an intentional and immediate way, imprints a provocative tone onto this exhibition, Wasted Rita invites us once again to enter a staging with performative contours that serves as a vehicle to share with us a critical reading – with the habitual mordant and poetic straightforwardness that characterises her discourse – of various domains of contemporary popular culture – particularly television, the Internet, and other visual media – that habitually capture her attention in her daily life.

Inspired by the black hole of procrastination into which she usually falls when she lets herself be captured by easy and light entertainment contents – yet intelligently conceived to seduce and capture wide audiences – the artist resorts to various of these formats and reinterprets them in order to materialise another chapter of the intimate narrative she has been developing in the course of a practice that transcends the exhibition space and blurs the boundaries between life and art.”

Well, it just got weird.

*Opening reception with the artist:
Friday, October 18, 19h – 22h.

Gallery hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 12h — 19h.

Exhibition on view until November 16.


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