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to Nov 17 | ART FESTIVAL | Lisbon Art Weekend ’19 | Lisbon | FREE-TBD

Lisbon Art Weekend, aka LAW, hits town this Friday for its 2019 edition.
LAW describes itself as follows:
“A non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the strengthening and fluidity of the contemporary art scene in the city through merging a diversity of art spaces such as galleries, artist-run spaces, private art collections, museums, and public projects dedicated to the arts.
LAW’s main objective is to offer to the public of all backgrounds an opportunity to meet and visit Lisbon’s ever-growing urban contemporary art scene, and experience artworks and performances in their natural habitat. Additionally, LAW strives to offer a framework for discussion through a selection of parallel events.”

For example, the Belo-Galsterer Gallery will be offering free coffee (at 12h) and visits with its current artists (all day) on Saturday.

Plus a bunch more galleries. Dozens of artists and performers. Both group and solo shows and openings. A brunch. Guided tours. Workshops. Talks… All sorts of LAW-ful fun for all.

View the full weekend program and other relevant info here.

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