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to Nov 18 | EXHIBITION | “The Future Of Lisbon” | Praça do Comércio | 3€

“The future is unwritten.”
Joe Strummer.

But Lisbon is changing. Fast. Some changes are good, others — not so much. What does the future of Lisbon hold? Will the city manage to keep its character (and its residents) in the face of gentrification, tourism, and AirBnB, or will it go the way of Williamsburg, Brooklyn? We hope it survives, but there’s no way of telling.
Futuros de Lisboa is a unique interactive multimedia exhibit that offers a few possible ideas, from professionals, academics, and artists to regular citizens of Lisbon and the world, on the subject of what comes next for this magical town.
Find out more here , and see you in the future!
Here’s just a glimpse of one possible terrifying not too distant reality.

*Inauguration is July 12 at 6:00 p.m.

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