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to Nov 30 | PERFORMANCE | Rose Crucifixion by Mónica Calle | Santos | 10€

Things are getting girly over at Gaivotas, and that might put some men on edge.

Check out one of the four shows happening every Wednesday and Friday until November 30. The performance lasts 50 minutes and begins at 20h, 21h, 22h, and 23h.

From the organizer: This solo show by Mónica Calle addresses feminine identity and sexuality, aging and the body in the current historical framework, from both a social and a political point of view, reaching out to the third wave of feminism. The intention is to research on the relation between text, image, and the body, starting with the “Rosy Crucifixion” trilogy by Henry Miller, the space and the place of the image, namely through video and photography with a more documentary nature.

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