Atlas Lisboa


The 18th edition of TEMPS D’IMAGES 2020 hits Lisbon this week. Every weekend until December, a different space around town invites local photographers to show us what images they’ve been making in these troubling, uncertain times.
Here’s what the organizers say about it:
“There is still time.
We’ve now been able to put together what we previously canceled, with what we anticipated for this period of time.
In our world, better still, in our worlds and those of others, everything seems/seemed to have changed substantially and at the same time – strangely – so many things repeating themselves, for good and for ill.
We wanted to return by presenting the work of all the artists, who were able to maintain their pieces alive and aware, “live”. We will be more contained in how we proceed but we resist and insist: we know that the collaborative work and investment – by artists, partners who host and finance us and the public from the past, future, and present, give meaning to a reunion which, by virtue of being here and now, never repeats itself.
Let’s prepare this festival together so that it will bear fruit. Let’s indulge.”

Check out the full program here, and go indulge.

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