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to Oct 1 | ART EXHIBIT | Tania Guzman in Lisbon | Campolide | FREE

Tania Guzman is the type of artist who reminds us that, despite being old-school, the art of painting a canvas well is yet to die.
Colorida Art, the hosts of her latest solo show, say this:
“The artist Tania Guzman seeks to convey in her works the aesthetics of syncretism and miscegenation, the pride of its origin, to show the traditional through a renewed look. It represents with fidelity and harmony the human and the objective without distraction, to focus on its symbolic power. There is a rich syncretism in Mexico that leads the artist to express her contrasts in plain backgrounds and carefully chosen figures, tiny brushstrokes of acrylic, tempera or oil, and pencil strokes, and shadows with colorful accents that accentuate the symbolic element.”

Coincidentally, Tania Guzman was born in Mexico, where she lives and works today.

Gallery hours:
Tuesday-Friday, 14h30-18h.


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