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to Oct 14 | DANCE PERFORMANCE | Akram Khan’s In the Mind of Igor | Parque das Nações | 5-20€

Akram Khan returns to Lisbon’s Teatro Camões to work with the talented troupe of Companhia Nacional de Bailado one more time on his  piece in the mind of igor. Khan imagines what it was like inside the head of Igor Stravinsky, the Russian genius, and the interpretation is jarring, devastating, horrifying, and, ultimately, inspiring.

Those who were lucky enough when it premiered here last year are probably going again — we are! — so get tickets early. You can get them at the theater itself or at

Showtimes: 21h Thursday and Friday, 18h30 Saturday, 16h Sunday.

From the creator:

iTMOi (in the mind of igor)

“In this work, I am interested in the dynamics of how Stravinsky transformed the classical world of music by evoking emotions through patterns, rather than through expression, and these patterns were rooted in the concept of a woman dancing herself to death. this approach is a huge inspiration to me. But in a sense I hope to reinvestigate it, not just through patterns, as Stravinsky did, but also through exploring the human condition. a rupture in the mind, a death in the body, and a birth in the soul, all remind us that the mind and imagination are wild and self-generating. in addition, to be creating this work with three different composers, Nitin Sawhney, Jocelyn Pook and Ben Frost, allows us to discover many different sound-worlds, using Stravinsky as the key, the guide, the map.”
– Akram Khan

World Premiere: 14 May 2013, MC2: Grenoble

From CNB:

Akram Khan Direção artística e Coreografia • Nitin Sawhney,Jocelyn Pook e  Ben Frost Música original • Matt Deely Cenografia • Kimie Nakano Figurinos • Fabiana Piccioli Desenho de luz • Ruth Little Dramaturgia • Joel Jenkins Pesquisas • Nicolas Faure Desenho de som

Artistas da Companhia Nacional de Bailado/ National Ballet of Portugal Interpretação

Figurinos executados no atelier de guarda-roupa da CNB sob a orientação da Mestra Paula Marinho

And here’s a glimpse.

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