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to Oct 20 | MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCE | Klopotec Orkestra at CCB | Belém | 2,50 – 4,50€

Wikipedia describes a klopotec as “a wooden mechanical device on a high wooden pole, similar to a windmill. … A folk belief also states that klopotecs drive snakes from the vineyards and soften grapes.”
If you’re not a snake, if you like your grapes soft, and if you appreciate non-traditional musical performances, this one is for you.
From the organizers:
Hans Beckers creates fabulous sound installations. For his new project, “Klopotec,” Hans went to an old haunted house in the Norwegian fishing village of Kråkeslottet.
The man who lives there gathers magnificent pieces of floating wood carved by the sea before being abandoned on the shore. With this wood, Hans Beckers built a remarkable orchestra of klopotecs : windmills equipped with blades that long ago drove off the Slovenian vine snakes (EDIOTR’S NOTE: wtf?).
In the midst of his windmill orchestra, Hans Beckers forms a dialogue with Teun Verbruggen, an exceptional percussionist. Together, they transform the Klopotec Orchestra into a visual and sound spectacle capable of rattling, drumming and surprising as a colorful play of shadows.”

Part of the Big Bang LX18 – Music and Adventure Festival for Young Audiences.

Yep, your weekend just officially got weirder.

P.S.: One of four shows is already gone with the wind; secure your ticket here.
Fri -12h (2,50€).
Sat -13h and 16h (4,50€).
Duration: 40 mins (in the Luís de Freitas Branco Room of CCB).

P.S.S.: Slovenians and old people welcome.

Here’s a breeze for starters.

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