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to Oct 25 | DRAWING AND PAINTING EXHIBIT | Murmúrio do Suão by Flávio Horta | Restauradores | FREE

Flávio Horta is a Portuguese artist who dabbles in drawing and painting. His style looks classical, almost Renaissance-like, but his subject matter is up to date. Here’s how the organizers of his new show Murmúrio do Suão (“Murmur of the Southern Wind”) at Casa do Alentejo describe his recent work about the region beyond the Tejo river:
“When a traditional Alentejo is painted in other colors and confronts its modernity, transformation takes place. There is no conflict in this work, but a natural continuity, the integration of the present.
The compositions join the past, and the human figure appears as a representation of a people where there is no time, where the new and the old meet, where they paint stories with tradition, and where you can hear the Murmuring of the South Wind.”
Sofia Paulino.

NOTE: Show is in the Olivença Room of Casa do Alentejo.
Opening: Sat, Oct 13th, at 15h30.
Regular hours: daily, 12h-23h (show through Oct 25th).

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