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to Oct 31 | MUSIC WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS | Fun Week at Music Room Lisboa | Rato | 30-100€

Do you have kids?
Do they have a knack for music?
Are they between the ages of four and six?
Are you hoping to get rid of them, at least temporarily, while you prep for Halloween…?

Music Room Lisboa describes its fun week — your possible salvation and your kid’s possible start of musical stardom — as follows:
“It will be a musical exploration week, where we travel the world of music through singing, moving, listening, and creating to grow and evolve.

Here’s a breakdown of each day:

Arrive at 9.30.
We will start the mornings with a class in Introduction to Music. This is a musical exploration class. We explore through singing, moving, listening and trying different instruments. We introduce the kids to discover different basic musical ideas (such as same/different, loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low) and let them have their first meeting with music instruments in a playful and inspiring way. This class is as well a way for children to discover their favorite instrument that they later on could start having classes in.

​10.30- 11.00:
Snack time – we provide a snack for the kids.

We continue the day with an exciting workshop, the topics will be different every day and inspired by the given theme. We will use our hands, creativity, and curiosity, and work all together to create something fun.

​Participate one day, two days, or all week! Please send us an e-mail at if you want to join us this week!
Limited capacity.”

​1 Day = 30 euros.
2 Days = 60 euros.
3 Days = 80 euros.
4 Day = 100 euros.

Happy exploring, kids.

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