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to Sept 1 | PUPPET EXHIBIT | Made in China: The Magic of Chinese Puppet Theater | Santos | FREE-5€

Anyone who knows anything knows that most things are made in China.
And that includes badass puppets.

Museu da Marioneta, however, was made right here in Lisbon in 1987. It moved to a discreet location in Santos in 2001. And today it remains one of the city’s coolest little hidden gems. It is also boasts that it is the first and only Portuguese museum “solely dedicated to the interpretation and dissemination of the history of puppets and puppet theatres, featuring the history of this fascinating art throughout the world, the different types of puppets and the various approaches they allow, focusing mainly on Portuguese puppets.”

Made in China, a.k.a. Heroes and Beauties, Clowns and Villains: The Magic of Chinese Puppet Theatre, is a show that focuses on the museum’s puppet brothers and sisters from the East, and this weekend is your last chance to catch it.

The museum costs 5€ to enter, which is totally worth it.
The exhibit is FREE.

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